Creative Hustle in Partnership with British Council

Creative Hustle is a seminar-style event that offers young people aged 18 – 35 the opportunity to gain awareness of the breadth of artistic and non-artistic livelihood opportunities available across creative sector value chains. Session will provide actionable insights/tips to help Creative Entrepreneurs make the most of Remote work by managing both clients’/company Intellectual Properties […]

13th, March, 2021
1 pm WAT
Online - Youtube/Zoom
BuiltConverse: COVID-19: The Future of Facility Management & Estate Security

As COVID-19 raged across the world, concepts such as self isolation, contact tracing and social distancing became mainstream lingo. With organizations adopting remote work policies and Governments approving economic re-opening guidelines that enforced restrictions and limited access to public facilities – it’s clear that COVID-19 would leave a sizable impact in the Real Estate value […]

August 14, 2020
1300 (W.A.T)
Online - Youtube
The Future of Jobs & Productivity in Africa

With expected increase in broadband capacity across Africa thanks to COVDI-19 induced realities, is Africa finally about to embrace the Future #BroadbandConversation returns on Friday July 10 at 1300(W.A.T) to discuss The Future of Jobs & Productivity in Africa. According to the World Economic Forum’s Human Capital Index – Sub-Saharan Africa currently only captures 55% […]

July 10, 2020
1300 (W.A.T)
Digital Transformation: Competitiveness & Growth in Africa’s Future Business Landscape

While Africa struggled on the onset of COVID-19 – implementing measures such as lockdowns, movement restrictions, etc – businesses and public institutions practically shut down save two Sectors – Banking and Telecommunication. Though designated essential services, it would appear they were the most prepared – with most of their processes already heavily digitized.

June 26, 2020
1300 (W.A.T)
Live Stream
Broadband Conversation: Opportunities in Africa’s Emerging Digital Economy

Africa’s Digital Economy is projected to grow to US$300 Billion by 2025. This is roughly US$80 Billion less than 2020 projected GDP of South-Africa – continent’s second largest economy. Experts believe that a significant improvement in Broadband penetration would likely double this. What can the various national and sub-national Governments do to deliver a more inclusive and better than projected growth? What are the noticeable trends, challenges and opportunities?

June 12, 2020
13:00 (W.A.T)
Live Stream (Zoom)
Right of Way: Experts to Discuss Next Steps for Broadband Internet Penetration for Africa

Following recent announcements of  per linear meter Right of Way charge review by different State Government in Nigeria, #StartupSouth is hosting top Industry professionals and Government officials to a virtual event  on May 29, 2020 to discuss next steps towards Scaling Broadband Internet penetration in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general.  Right of Way […]

29th May 2020
13:00 (W.A.T)
Live stream (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)